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4 Challenges for SEO Prior to Recent Google Updates

This year has been an year of major search engine updates. Major search engine Google has announced many updates in 2010.  Google has done a lot this year to keep its search more user friendly and keep dominating the users as well. Google wants to be more powerful that it can read the user’s mind before they search their queries. But Google is no doubt the best and most used search engine today and all the SEO professionals need to work according to Google’s guidelines to be successful as well as remain updated with the latest updates. Let us discuss each of the update and their challenges for Search Engine Optimization:

  1. May Day Updates:

    Most commonly known as May Day changes this is the same caffeine update from Google in March 2010. The effect of this update showed in April-May 2010 which is why it’s called May Day Changes.

    This update was made by Google to provide fresh content to its users and it increased its crawling rate searching for fresh quality content for search engine listings.

    Challenges for SEO Campaigns:

    To create a source for fresh content on the website:

    The best way to post fresh content on a website is blogging. Blogs are regular source of fresh content and helps in building a good readership for the website. Posting quality content on the website through blog regularly also helps in achieving good rankings for long tail keywords hence attracting more search engine traffic.

  2. Google Instant:

    Google updated its search engine with instant function. Now users don’t have to click the search button to view listings, instead the search listings show up as you type in the query in the search box. This instant function combined with Google suggestions was a boon for users because they will get suggestions for their search easily making their task a lot easier.

    Challenges for SEO Campaigns:

    Nothing much except targeting long tail or specific keywords:

    This helped SEO campaigns a lot too as users now became specific with their search hence making it easier for us. There was no much effect of this on SEO campaigns.

  3. Google Instant Previews:

    This is something that was not related to any algorithmic change and didn’t have any effect on the search engine listings. It provided a feature for users to view an instant preview of the listing on mouse over.

    This increased the importance of the look and feel of the website apart from that there was nothing to worry about from SEO concern.

    Challenges for SEO Campaigns:

    To create effective design for the website:

    Till now there was no much talk on the design and look of a website concerning SEO but now everything will be changed. Google showing full page previews has changed it all. Now the users may decide to click or not after previewing the screenshot of the website on mouse over.

    The best part here is that the previews are not shown directly until and unless the user wants it. Once the user clicks any one of the magnifying lens image beside each listing only then they will be able to see previews of each listing on mouse over. Still I would advice to make your website a little attractive.

  4. Google Places Search Update:

    This is something SEO professionals working on local market should worry about as it makes the SEO efforts less effective for localized search terms. This update merges the Google local maps listings into normal search for region based keyword term search. But this may help websites or companies that are doing well in Google maps by listing them in top position in default search.

    Challenges for SEO Campaigns:

    To get local map listings for as many cities:

    This is somewhat difficult to do but it’s helpful if you can get Google local maps listing for maximum number of cities where you provide your services. Many companies have started implementing this for their websites.

Create a new strategy for all you SEO campaign considering all the above challenges and get your SEO campaign a successful one.

3 thoughts on “4 Challenges for SEO Prior to Recent Google Updates”

  1. Sweta Shah says:

    A really well round up of google update Rajeesh. What your view about recent Google blog indexing problem or it has changed to something. My lots of article and blog post are getting index and cache but not getting google alert for that.

    1. Rajeesh says:

      Yeah there was a problem sometime ago that there were complains that the blogs were not indexed by Google mostly the blogs. Though I didn’t have any problems with that I already have 6-7 blogs and all were getting cached regularly. The problem was sorted though in short time. Now the Google alert thing I suppose it won’t alert for the same website regularly.. otherwise I don’t see any other issue with that. Will try Google alert on my blogs and check. If I get something unusual would post it here..Keep reading..

      1. Sweta Shah says:

        Thanks for your feedback Rajeesh

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