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A Simple Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Let me start with explaining Search Engine Optimization in simpler and shorter way. Lately many of my friends as well as colleagues have been asking about Search Engine Optimization. So let me take this opportunity to help them as well as my readers understand what Search Engine Optimization is all about?

As the name suggests, Search Engine Optimization is a simple method or process or formula or technique (you can call it anything similar) to optimize search engines in such a way that your website gets listed on top position whenever keyword queries relevant to your website content or services or products is searched on them. Now the bigger question here is how to optimize a search engine. All the search engines use a particular kind of algorithm which helps these search engines, how to rank different websites and their pages on different search queries. All the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have their own search engine algorithm which is why these search engines don’t produce similar search results for same keyword queries.

Among these search engines Google is most used as well as most trusted search engine on the internet. Nobody exactly knows, not even the search engine optimizers (SEO Experts), about the algorithm that Google uses. So beware of those SEO experts who claim that they have tracked the Google Search Algorithm and scams like that.

But Google itself has given a raw idea about how their search engine algorithm works. The algorithm depends on three main factors listed below:

  1. Content on the website
  2. Link Popularity
  3. User-friendliness

Let us know about each of the main factors:

  • Content on the website: Content has always been king in the internet marketing industry. Google and search engines have the same aim of providing information. So informational content on the website plays a significant role in determining the position of the website at relevant search queries. But displaying relevant content doesn’t mean copying and pasting anything from the web into your website. Google and other major search engines are against duplicate content so beware of copying content from other websites.
  • Link Popularity: When Google was first introduced as a search engine, it was very easy for a website with relevant content on it to get listed on top for relevant search queries. But as time passed the competition increased and almost every website started using quality content on their website. Now it was tougher for Google to decide which websites to be placed on top. For this Google updated its algorithm with a new factor known as Link Popularity of the website. The website that has more inbound links from other sites is considered as more trustworthy and Google will list the website above others websites. But there were many scams run by webmasters such as buying links, creating dummy sites etc to increase their website’s link popularity. So Google made many advanced changes into its algorithm to stop such scams.
  • User-friendliness: This is a very ordinary factor but Google gives a lot of importance to the user friendliness of a website. After all the website and its information are for the users. The website’s user-friendliness depends upon the site performance, easy navigation structure etc.

I will explain further about Search Engine Optimization and its different parts in my next post. So subscribe this blog to keep updated.

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