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How to Become a Successful Online Content Writer?

If you are looking for ways to make some extra money online and put your writing skills to good use, become a web content writer! There is always money to be made by writing for various online sources, and if you keep the following tips in mind, you should achieve success in no time.

How to Become a Successful Online Content Writer1. Take your time – Writing is not a quick, throw-away task. Spend the time to research, outline, write and edit your work. In this way you will end up with better, more interesting, and more widely read articles.

2. Focus on the quality of your writing, not the quantity. Sure, you could crank out 15-20 articles a day, but if they are not good, no one is going to read them, and all your effort will be for nothing. Spend your time writing a smaller number of high quality pieces, and you’ll still get the readership you seek, and be more proud of your work as well!

3. Research, research, research! You do not want to end up being the person spreading rumours or untrue facts in your writing. Thoroughly research any topic you cover, and make sure all your facts, dates, names, quotes, etc are correct and properly attributed.

4. Don’t forget to edit before you submit. Grammar mistakes are easy to make. Don’t rely on your word processor’s spell checker. Re-read everything you write, and, ideally, have someone else take a look at it for anything you might have missed.

5. Build your traffic. When writing your articles, pay attention to key words, topics, and other ways to optimize your article for search engine results. Make sure your subjects are topical and relevant, but are not restating the same things that have been said a thousand other times and ways on the Internet.

6. Reply to comments. Pay attention to what your readers are saying. If you respond to them, they’re more likely to return to your website in the future. They also might provide you with ideas for new articles, or other general feedback for your website.

7. Promote yourself. For every article you write, spend the time to share it on various social networks, or link to it in comments of related, relevant articles.

Online content writing can be a profitable occupation. Keep these simple tips in mind to become more successful and start earning money with your writings. Good luck!

13 thoughts on “How to Become a Successful Online Content Writer?”

  1. Osho Garg says:

    Thanks For Guide From Now I Will Try To Focus On All Points 🙂

  2. Cassie says:

    I am looking to get my writing career started. While your tips are great for those all ready working, what are some great ways to build from the begining?

    1. Rajeesh says:

      The best way to start is creating a Blog and try to show your writing skills to the world via your Blog!!

      1. Jon Page says:

        Exactly as what you mean sir Raj…

        That's why I am so thankful of you because it's you who turned my life to what I am now… Thank you so much for that.

        Blogging is what we called an online resume… and it is writing, writing, writing…

    2. Jon Page says:

      Hi Cassie,

      Great that you get interested to enter into the world of cyber marketing… I have a great post on that…I hope you'll like it…



  3. Jon Page says:

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for this great tips, you are exactly right… the point of writing quality content is one way of generating trust to your readers for your next articles…

    Research also is another fact, by which you have explained very well…

    Thanks for this great post!

  4. Dave Shappel says:

    would you rent ad space (for a banner ad) for my site?

  5. Mark Man says:

    Hi I was wondering if you're up for selling your site? Please get in touch whenever you read this. Cheers. Mark

    1. Rajeesh says:

      No Mark. Sorry buddy but I would never wish to sell this Blog.

  6. Rajeesh says:

    Yes why not!!

    But we need to review the banner ad first.

    Rajeesh Nair

  7. Rajeesh says:

    Yes buddy,
    Would never sell this blog!!

  8. Rajeesh says:

    Thanks buddy!!

  9. Sai Kumar says:

    Really Shared Valuable tips bro. I will definitely concentrate on this tips to become a best content writer. Thanks for sharing this grate tips bro.

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