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9 Dangerous Apps For Kids That Every Parents Need To Be Aware Of

Smartphones are an amazing invention of mankind that makes everyday tasks simple and easier to manage. With an array of helpful apps, a Smartphone user can communicate, conference, set up meetings, find locations, and make presentations etc. quite easily today. However, the better these Smartphones are helpful for an adult, the worse it becomes for the children.

I have always been against of children using Smartphone as I believe they don’t need one. A simple phone is quite enough to stay in touch or call during emergency. Research shows that 98% of teens in the United States of America are online as they can afford easy internet through their smartphones spending an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes per day plugged into media through their cell phones. That’s almost an average workday for any professional.

Is it Safe for Teens to Use Smartphones?

Apps Harmful To Kids

Now that we already know that the kids today spend a lot of time on their cell phones, it is quite evident that it will affect their physical and psychological growth in the long run. However, along with that there’s another threat waiting for the kids using Smartphones today. Internet is the lifeline for growth and development globally but it also has its own disadvantages.

Today, because of the internet and its easy access through Smartphones, the bad guys don’t just stray around the remote locations but they are all over the internet as well and much closer to your kids than you imagine. On the top of it, there are certain mobile apps that make it easier for these bad guys to manipulate your kids into something nasty or regretful in the future.

Mobile Apps That Children Should Never Use

If your kid owns a Smartphone, then there’s nothing wrong to peep into his/her phone every now and then to monitor what kind of mobile apps they are using.

Here’s a list of 9 dangerous apps that parents must know and make sure that their children stay away from these apps:


Whisper is basically an online platform that allows its users to express themselves and connect with like-minded people over the network. These expressions are completely public and free for everyone to read. The app mostly involves users especially women under the age of 25 expressing their raw emotions or feelings anonymously to a bunch of strangers over the network.

Why is it harmful to kids?

Now Whisper is a platform that makes your kids vulnerable to the reach of molesters or pedophiles using these sites for their next targets. The platform is majorly used to shed out the emotional feelings with everyone on the network anonymously but at the same time it attracts the eyes of bad guys who are looking for the right opportunity by talking with the person feeling emotionally weak and down at the moment. Hence, immature kids or teens may fall prey into the hands of these people.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is one of the popular free alternative messaging service which allows the users to send videos, texts and pictures to over 180 million other users. It also allows the users to text people individually, within groups, or within a social networking environment. Such a multi-faceted list of features is designed for grownups and adults who look for a simpler way of communicating.

Why is it harmful to kids?

This messenger app is one of the most used app for sexting and mainly used by those under 18. Kids using this app can easily send private messages to strangers that they never met or hardly know without the knowledge of their parents. Kik is the one of most vulnerable platforms where sexual predators hangout to find the right opportunity to molest or take advantage of the innocence of kids or teens using the app.


YikYak is fresh in the market but also the most dangerous. With this app, the users can post text-only Yaks of maximum 200 characters which can be viewed by 500 Yakkers who are closest to person on the basis of GPS tracking.

Why is it harmful to kids?

The platform is full of sexually explicit content, abusive language and person attacks that have forced the schools to block this app over their Wi-Fi zones. Given the fact that the app uses the GPS information and delivers the message to 500 closest Yakkers, it may be dangerous for your kids using the app unaware that they may catch the eye of a sexual predator in the proximity. Although the posts are anonymous, it takes only a few tricks that may prompt your immature kids to reveal their private information as they gain their confidence.


Snapchat allows the users to send text messages or pictures with caption to a friend that “self destructs” 10 seconds after the recipient opens the message.

Why is it harmful to kids?

In the world of sexting, apps like Snapchat are considered most useful because of its feature that self destructs the message sent within 10 seconds of the recipient viewing them. However, this app can go wrong in many ways for your kids or teens who are not aware of the fact that these messages can be saved by the receiver which they can use to share it as many friends as they like. The mere fact that it encourages sexting is itself a cue that you should keep your kids away from using such apps.


Tinder is a dating application that allows you to connect with new and interesting people after a mutual match. Based on your location and preferences, you get an array of matches which you can choose or rejects with a simple swipe on the right or left. If you choose a profile matching your preference and the likeness is mutual, then you may contact your match and set up a date within your proximity.

Why is it harmful to kids?

Although, it makes the whole concept of dating simple, it can encourage your kids as well to find their next date on Tinder. Given the fact that the matches on Tinder would be from complete strangers, it can put your kids into much worse situation if they catch the eye of some sexual predator or even worse.


Down is an app that encourages casual relationships and hookups for a night with friends and nearby strangers. To get started with Down, all you need is to link the app with your Facebook profile and you’re good to go. Same as Tinder, you can choose your matches with simple swipes and if its mutual, you are all set to get laid.

Why is it harmful to kids?

As explained above, Down is a dating app meant especially for one-night stands or hookups casually which is why the app is popularly known as “Bang with Friends”. Now that it links the Facebook profile, any kid using the app may be exposed to the world of sexual predators or pedophiles around their neighborhood. Parents must make sure that their kids are not using such dating apps or any dating app for that matter till they are in their teens.


Vine can be considered as the video version of Twitter. Just as Twitter allows posting anything under 140 characters, Vine also allows you to create videos up to six seconds long and share them with your friends and family.

Why is it harmful to kids?

Unlike other apps above, Vine is cleaner in comparison. Although most of the videos on Vine are harmless, there are sexually explicit material too on the network that may pop up on your teens feed exposing them to such content. Sexual predators use this app to search for vulnerable profiles especially teens and try to locate and connect with them through other messaging apps.


Internet is a boon to mankind but it has some of its own flaws as well. I don’t encourage smart devices or gadgets for kids that make them vulnerable to the online threats especially from sexual predators or pedophiles. So, if you care about your teen’s online safety then there’s nothing wrong in monitoring the apps they use on their phones or PCs.

Internet is a vast ocean and new apps are created every day. Monitoring your child’s activity online is not spying as many kids put it but it’s something that parents must tell them in advance before buying any smart devices for them. Considering your child’s safety, it is always the best to be safe and monitor their activity whether they like it or not rather than be sorry later.

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