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Five Most Popular Health & Fitness Apps

Trying to track your daily calorie intake or pushing yourself to be on top of your fitness regime, healthy living can sometimes turns out to be tricky and difficult when you lead a hectic life. But, nowadays when more and more people own a smart phone, there are numerous mobile applications which will help you to organize your fitness goals in much easier manner. Here we give you top five must have health and fitness apps that will keep you motivated as well as on track.

  • Training calendar

This app will be helping you keep schedule of your fitness activities into a hectic week. With the training calendar, you can remember to spend some time on exercises and be on top of your fitness goals. The pay gives you an overview of how much training you have done and to track the progress of entire week.

  • Alcohol unit calculator

Many people enjoy alcohol in their daily life but it needs to be enjoyed with some self control. There are many apps available in market which explains your daily alcohol limits. Such kind of have will be very helpful when you are dieting and keep track about the calories intake. Many people don’t realize the amount of alcohol they should consume and applications like this will help them keep at bay.

  • Pedometer

Many dieticians suggest walking 10,000 steps daily to improve health and burn excessive calories which we take on daily basis. Persons who are suffering from heart disease of cholesterol problem can burn their extra fat with just few steps daily. With a pedometer you can easily track down how many steps you have taken in a day, your speed and approx. calories which is burned. This data will motivate you to walk more which in result will help you burn excessive calories.

  • Goal-tracking apps

Setting a weekly or monthly fitness goal will help you prepare mentally to achieve targeted objectives. Goal tracking apps will help you record and list of goals that need to be achieved in a set of time. There is a facility to put reminders in case you forget about your fitness regime. The apps will help you analyses your progress and eventually cross things off your list. This will give you a sense of achievement and help you motivate to do exercise daily.

  • Exercise instructor

There are so many different ways to exercise that sometimes you gets confused on which regime to follow. Many people have question like “what is the most effective way to have abs?” or “how to build biceps?” With the exercise instructor app, you get your very own personal trainer. The apps come with images and videos explaining you how to carry certain exercise which will help you burn more calories. It also ensures your safety while doing exercise to avoid accidents.

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  3. Jhone says:

    Ultra Fitness is my best fitness android app
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    1. Pooja Sehra Upadhyay says:

      Thanks for reading the blog Jhone. I never tried Ultra Fitness app but will check out on my phone for sure… Keep reading and commenting on the blog 🙂

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