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BloggerViews: Interview with Jane Sheeba – A Problogger With a Scientist Background

Jane Sheeba's InterviewJane Sheeba is a very popular name in the global blogging industry. She rose to fame after she got featured in some of the best blogs in the industry as Guest Author. Although she is famous for her blogging in the web world, very few know the fact that she is a scientist too and has earned a Phd. In Medical Physics. Hence, she becomes the smartest blogger I have come across till date. ☺

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Today I am very happy to interview Jane, a scientist cum blogger, who’s achieving new heights in the blogging industry as we talk.

Me: Hi Jane, Thanks for being a part of the BloggerViews series! I am glad to have you on board.

Jane: Thank YOU so much Pooja for having me on board. I’m so excited to talk to you!

Me: Let’s start with knowing about you more as a Problogger, a Scientist and most importantly as a person.

Q1. Tell us about yourself. My readers would be delightful to know you more personally than just as a blogger.

A – Sure. I am the only daughter to my parents (read – brought up with so much extra care and love). Even though we were not super rich, my parents did their best to give me all that I wanted.

Doing Ph. D (in Physics) was my dream since my childhood (don’t ask me why!). And my parents did everything they could to help me achieve my dream – I finally got my PhD in Medical Physics from Lancaster University, UK. As far as studies are concerned I was sharp and have got Gold Medals both in my undergraduate and postgraduate studies. I also got scholarship for my Ph. D. and published my research findings in some reputable journals.

I’ve married a very rational, smart and a handsome guy, who is also a PhD. We are blessed with a brilliant, hyper-active boy 🙂 Ours is a very happy family!

Q2. I have read in few of your other interviews where you have said that it was your childhood dream of becoming a Scientist which you eventually did. Then, how did a Scientist turned into a Problogger? What attracted you towards blogging to be precise?

A – Yup doing PhD was my childhood dream and I must say I am blessed to have that dream fulfilled (not many people are able to fulfill their dreams).

During my PhD, while I was in the UK, I was away from the family for the very first time! I was feeling very lonely and hence I was hanging out online (on forums and websites) just to overcome my loneliness. I accidentally came to know about blogging and found about it!

I loved how people were able to make money and run business at their own will. Freedom was the thing that attracted me towards blogging!.

Q3. Does it help in anyways being a Scientist in the blogging arena? I know you’re the smartest of the lot but specifically I am talking about the basic stuff such as topic selection, promotional methods etc.

A – Yes indeed. My knowledge with science helps me to think rationally when it comes to business and marketing. When something doesn’t work I don’t sit down and mourn at it. I do things differently. Doing the same thing and expecting different improved results is not in my book.

I also take risks boldly. With research we do that – we try out a big problem without knowing what result we will get; or if we will get any useful outcome at all. But we still put in the time and effort on that totally new problem. I think that’s what drives me to take risks with business as well.

Q4. Are there any particular mentors/bloggers who inspired you or guided you throughout your blogging career? If yes, then please share their names for my readers.

A – Yes there are quite some. I’d mention a few of them:

  • Annabel Candy
  • Ana Hoffman
  • Ileane Smith
  • Francisco Perez

Q5. It’s a bit tricky question and I ask it to all the top bloggers now days. For instance, if there’s a race to the Top Bloggers Leaderboard then who do you think can be you’re the best competitor to challenge you for the No. 1 spot? Please be honest. ☺

A – I don’t believe in races, and competitions when it comes to business. Every business and blogging is unique. Every blogger has a unique vision. And every successful blogger tops the leaderboard in what they are doing!

Q6. What do you prefer more? Jane Sheeba, a Scientist or a Problogger!

A – Of course a Problogger 🙂 Preferably an entrepreneur 🙂

My readers must have known about you so much by now. Let’s start talking about your blogs.

Q7. Let’s start with your top blog –! What, when and how did you consider launching this blog and named it ProbloggingSuccess?

A – Prior to launching Problogging Success, I was a hobby blogger; very amateurish and doing all sorts of silly things! Problogging Success is a result of me getting clarity. Once I got clarity about what I was trying to accomplish and what I wanted, I split up my original blog into separate blogs (with highly focused niches) and then things started to change for good.

As to the name – I wanted to make an impact in the life of aspiring, new bloggers. I didn’t want them to make the same mistakes I made. I wanted to show them the road I traveled so they can achieve blogging success faster.

Q8. As per my research, you started off with a multi-niche blog and later split them into individual blogs. Was it a tough decision to make or an easy one? We all know about result now but were you confident about its success then?

A – Yes splitting up my multi-niche blog was the very first tough decision in my business. But I had to do it. I had to let go. And in this case, I knew it would work out well.

Every time I take such decisions (usually boldly) I find the results to be perfect 🙂

Q9. Blogging today and during the time you enter the industry! Do you see any difference? Please tell us your view.

A – Oh ya. Things have changed a lot. The word blogging has got a whole different meaning. SEO has become totally different as we bloggers perceive it.

I am so happy that the changes are for good. Now I can simply focus on serving my customers much better, on building a highly useful website and forget about the rest (like building links, trying to rank #1 in search engines, etc.).

Q10. Besides, you also manage a health, a technology, a religious and a personal blog as well. Do you manage them all by yourself or do you have a team that help you update them on a regular basis?

A – I do write the content for all my blogs myself. But I have an in-house manager who helps me with various things in business. So I just create content, connect with people and do the front end stuff. He manages the admin and technical side of things. So it is somewhat manageable.

Q11. Tell us about the happiest moment in your blogging career or any memorable event that changed your perspective about life and blogging.

A – The moment when I first received an email from one of my readers who said he felt totally inspired to start a new business when he read one of my posts! He said my writing inspired him. That was the first time I smiled with a lot of satisfaction and I became proud of my business!

Slowly I started receiving regular emails like that – saying that I inspired them to do something, or that I helped them with one of the most pressing problem of theirs and so on. This totally changed the way I looked at blogging! It kinda made me more responsible and I started to deliver value more and more seriously 🙂

Q12. Lastly, a few tips to aspiring bloggers about blogging. ☺

A – Don’t be mislead by the advice that you can achieve blogging success overnight. There is no such thing as overnight success, at least with blogging. And there is no silver bullet to achieve blogging success). You have to work in order to earn success.

And don’t go after money. Of course, money is important. But stop chasing it. Serve your readers/customers at your best. Deliver value. Change lives. Make an impact. Everything else you dream of, will follow. And, whatever you do – do it with dedication!

Favorite Picks:

Favorite Books:

Facebook. Kidding.

The Holy Bible.

In business/self development/time management category – Like a Virgin (Sir. Richard Branson), Thrive (Arianna Huffington), The 4-Hour Work Week (Timothy Ferriss), Now, Discover Your Strengths (Marcus Buckingham), and a few more.

Favorites Movies:

X-Men (all movies), Transporter (all movies), Ice Age (all movies), Mission Impossible (all movies)

Favorite Celebrities/Icons (Sports, Entertainment, Politics or any):

Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman, Jason Statham, Angelina Jolie, Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai (am not much into sports).

Favorite Bloggers:

Ana Hoffman, Ileane Smith, Adrienne Smith, Ryan Biddulph – I promise this list has missed a lot of names.

Favorites Places:


Favorite Hobbies:

Listening to music, Reading

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6 thoughts on “BloggerViews: Interview with Jane Sheeba – A Problogger With a Scientist Background”

  1. Sonam says:

    Hey Pooja!!

    Thanks for sharing this interview with this wonderful lady. I could see myself in the words she answered. I have completed my M.Phil. in English Literature and aspire to complete my PhD soon. I started as a beauty blogger a year ago and have been a content writer for the past 6 years.

    This interview is a real inspiration.Thanks again

  2. Nirmala says:

    You’re the inspiration Jane 🙂

    I’m following your blog from long and learning a lot. Good to know about your childhood dream and happy family. Congratz for your awesome job in blogging, wishing you to achieve remarkable stuff in your career.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hi Pooja,

    Thanks for doing this interview with Jane. She’s someone I met a few years back and I’ve always been amazed at how the heck she does it all.

    I think the most surprising thing for me was when I found out she was a scientist with a PHD. My goodness, the first thing I thought was this is one darn smart lady. I started just seeing her all over the place and she’s someone who truly has done it all.

    I’m honored that you mentioned me Jane among some of your favorite bloggers. I’m among a great group there but I do know there are plenty more you could add to that list. I’m truly touched.

    I appreciate your honesty and sharing more about you with us all. Always great to learn more and do keep up the great work. You’re just amazing.

    You ladies have a great rest of your week.


  4. Pooja Sehra says:

    A Big thanks to Adrienne, Sonam and Nirmala. My main aim behind posting BloggerViews Series is to tell the world about women and their power to achieve success even when they are taking care of the family.

    I agree Adrienne that many female bloggers are still out there who are doing wonderful work. My aim is to become a bridge to connect their story with the world.

    Again a big thanks and hugs to all of you who appreciated my effort.

  5. Kidambi Badri says:

    Nice to know the scientist, thus far unknown to me. The questions of Pooja Sehra were precise with matching answers. Good read.

  6. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks SO much for mentioning me :)….and Pooja, thanks so much for sharing this opportunity with Jane.

    Physics, PhD, wow! I have my BS in Meteorology, we did Physics 1 and 2, plus thermodynamics, physical meteorology and all of those difficult, left-brained courses. I’ve such tremendous respect for you Jane as I know how tough it can be to study and master this subject matter.

    Thanks so much again, and have a fun week guys.

    Tweeting soon.


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