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Learn SEO with the help of Google’s SEO Starter Guide!

  • Do you want to be an SEO expert and take it as your profession?
  • Do you want to learn SEO in an easy and simple way?
  • Do you want to learn SEO from expert but without paying any money?

If your answer is yes, for all the above questions then you are at the right place. Google is the most used search engine in the web world. All the SEO campaigns are run giving priority to Google before all other major search engines. Google sends most number of traffic too.Now if SEO is all about getting good rankings for popular search terms on search engines i.e. Google mainly, then I believe there could be no better teacher or coach than Google itself. Now if Google itself guides us how to get rankings and thereby traffic for your website then it is surely going to be effective.
Everyone in the SEO industry is aware of Google Webmaster Central. For others, Google Webmaster Central is a place where webmasters of different websites could learn as well as understand how they could bring traffic to their websites by achieving good rankings over Google. There are good number of tools available at Google Webmaster Central which could be used to make your website SEO as well as Google friendly.
Other than tips, advices and tools, Google Webmaster Central also provides free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) starter guide for those who are new to the SEO industry and willing to learn SEO in the most simple and easy way.
Here’s the link to download the PDF file of Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strater Guide.

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