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Action Plan

Action Plan to Achieve Your Business Goals

Setting up business goals at every level of your journey is very important to survive in this competitive world. In addition to that you must have an action plan ready to achieve those business goals. If you have not set any business goals yet then

Enough of Talking, It’s Time for Some Action Now!

Like most of us, you may also be going through a phase where you keep on planning and making strategies but never put them into action. We raise this habit of starting a project just before the deadline approaches and work overnight to complete it.

Google Turns 15! Happy Birthday to Search Engine Mogul

Google is 15 years old today. To celebrate, here are 15 facts you probably didn’t know about them. 1. Google was originally called BackRub. The homepage read: “BackRub is a ‘web crawler’ which is designed to traverse the web.” 2. Google has acquired an average of one company every week since 2010. 3. The