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Enough of Talking, It’s Time for Some Action Now!

Like most of us, you may also be going through a phase where you keep on planning and making strategies but never put them into action. We raise this habit of starting a project just before the deadline approaches and work overnight to complete it. Suddenly we turn into a health conscious fitness freak but few days later we start skipping exercises or gym for weeks. There’s no social life at all because you spend a lot of time making plans or strategies and end up working late with no time to relax or enjoy with the friends. Not even on the weekends.

Don’t worry about it as you’re not alone. Even I have been in that situation. But gradually I overcame that phase because of Blogging which helped me learn the method of walking the talk. In fact, writing has given me the much need boost to be consistent with my efforts instead of relying on excuses.

Progress is the Key to Success, Not Perfection.

Most of us get inspired from others especially the successful ones of the industry. In trying to imitate them, we always aim for perfection. But nobody realizes the fact that the reason for the success of these great people is due to the progress they made with imperfections. Yes, they were not perfect from the beginning and like every one of us made mistakes every now and then. But they focused on the most important factor which is to make Progress irrespective of the imperfections.

Hence, I came onto a conclusion that it’s about making the right efforts and taking one step at a time towards your goal instead of aiming for perfection. Such approach towards life has helped me get rid of some of my inconsistencies in the last few years.

I achieved the following in my life my implementing the “Walk your Talk” method:

  • Rise in Productivity: To lead a successful life you must increase your productivity and improve your organizational skills. I was a failure at both but as soon as I focused on adapting the right habits, I eventually increased my productivity and improved my organizational skills.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Living a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone. Few years ago, though I believed in living a healthy lifestyle, I never really did anything about it. No regular exercise and unhealthy eating habits made me unhealthy and tiresome brat. With the “Walk your Talk” method into application, I focused on my belief and adapted a healthy lifestyle that involves regular fitness program with proper diet and workout.
  • Avid Reader: I have read more books this year than I had in the last decade. Leading an unorganized lifestyle didn’t give me adequate time to read and made me lazy. But since past few years I have changed myself into an avid reader from a no reader.
  • Early to Bed, Early to Rise: Initiating the project right before the deadlines gave me many sleepless nights. Such a mess made me stressful and unproductive. After realizing the potential benefits of waking up early for higher productivity, I changed my body cycle and adapted to the new rule of “Early to Bed, Early to Rise”.
  • Better Budget Planner: My budget planning skills have improved with time after I adapted the “Walk your Talk” method which otherwise were a haywire. Now I have a better system of recording and budgeting my expenses.
  • Boost in Social Life: Being a shy person in nature, I hardly had a social life. With just few close friends my life was not that outgoing as it is today. Adapting this new method of life, I have got a boost in my social activities and today I have more friends and I love meeting new people.

So I would advise you to stop talking and take action from now as progressing is the right key to Success! 🙂

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