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Top Five E-Book Readers for Android Phones

Android is the most popularly used OS in the mobile world as well as in tablets.  Android Os gives you an opportunity to play mind blowing games, different apps to make your work smoother and eBook reading apps with which you can carry your favorite books anywhere.  In this article we will introduce you to some of the most popular android eBook reading applications which are not only the best but also free to download from Google Play.

  • Aldiko Book Reader:

Aldiko eBook Reader

Its one of my favorite eBook reader for android devices. Aldiko Book Reader has a user friendly interface, where the readers can adjust the fonts, brightness, background color and much more as per their preference. This eBook reader supports adobe PDF and ePub books and gives flexibility to the user to organize them as per their requirements. The store section offers you a wide range of books which you can download directly in your mobile.

  • Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

Kindle is the name known for its eBooks and magazines. There are hundreds for free books available for download. You can also purchase some of the latest and award winning books here. You can also read sample books before buying them. With kindle your reading experience become much easier as it allows you to adjust the screen brightness, font display and background color as per your requirements.

  • Sony Reader for Android:

Sony Reader for Android

Sony brings a free eBook reader app for all the android devices to give then an easy and entertaining eBook reading experience on their phone or tablet. It allows you to browse and download thousand of eBook directly on your phone. This app gives a natural book reading experience. The easily adjustable setting for light, fonts and background color make this application popular among various customers.

  • Barnes & Noble Nook eBook App:

Nook for Android

This android app from Barnes & Noble lets you read all the favorite eBooks of the Nook without owing a Nook eBook Reader. Barnes & Noble comes with unique software “LendMe” through which you can get your favorite eBooks without any hassle. There are many sample books available for reading before you buy it.

  • KOBO E-Book Reader:

Kobo Reader

Whether it’s a popular classic book you wish to read or a new release which you want to add in your library, everything is available on the palm of your hand with Kobo eBook reader. You can share your favorite books with other or just save the ePub format in mobile or drop box. This app is fun and easy to use especially when you are an avid book reader.

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