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Top Free Android Apps to Get Fit Body

We all wish to get great body and to achieve it we diet, keep count on our calories, follow a strict exercise regime, monitor daily progress and so on. However, we tend to lose the spark and get back to where we started. But with the advancement in technology, you can easily get the fitness expert in your smart phone. With one application, you get all the information related to the best exercise that can tone your body and build your strength. Here are some of the best fitness apps for Android that will not only strengthen your body but also saves monthly gym membership fee.

  • Runtastic:


    This is one of the best apps in Android. Runtastic keeps the track on your cardio workout progress like time, elevation, speed, calories burnt and much more. With the help of GPS, it can map the track of fitness activity like walking, running or jogging. The best is you can share your fitness data with your friends on social networking site and be the fitness guru.

    Download Runtastic App From Google Play

  • Daily Yoga:

    Daily Yoga

    Yoga is getting popular all around the world. By regular practice of Yoga one can attain weight loss, flexible body and better concentration. Daily Yoga is the most creative application to manage your daily workout. There only 5 sessions for free but to get the advance level, you need to pay certain amount. But it’s all worth it as you will be getting yoga sessions dedicated to working out different parts of your body. There are sessions of exercise for 5 to 45 minutes with the soothing background music.

    Download Daily Yoga App From Google Play

  • NTC:


    You have been piling on the pounds and waiting for something to get you into gear. Then NTC is the best app for you. NTC has 4 main types of workout sessions and within every session there are series of exercise that will tone every muscle in your body. Each exercise is shown in the video to give you much clear view about workouts. You can also listen to your favorite music and share your achievement with others. This is the best app if you wish to get abs like your favorite star or get strength of the popular sport personality.

    Download NTC App From Google Play

  • Relax Melodies:

    Relax MelodiesExercise and healthy eating habits is the most important part of life but it’s also important to get a restful night’s sleep. Relax melodies is one good app that to sooth you into relaxation. The free version is available in Google play. So if you really like it, you can get the premium version by spending a small amount. Relax Melodies premium version has forty one high quality sounds designed to help you slip into a relaxed state. You can make your own music by mixing different sounds and time to stop till you get asleep.

    Download Relax Melodies App From Google Play

  • Calorie Counter:

    Calorie Counter

    This android application is for those people who wish to keep track of their food, exercise and weight. Calorie Counter application starts off by asking basic information about users along with the goal weight loss/gain information. With this data the calorie counting app customize the whole regime for user. It’s also help user to visualize daily calorie they have consumed throughout day and suggest recipe or meal ideas.

    Download Calorie Counter App From Google Play

Exercise is only a part of fitness program. One needs to eat right food at correct quantity and give rest to body and mind. With the right combination and correct guidance anyone can get physique everyone desire for.

Let us know by commenting below if you have found any other Smartphone App for health and fitness which is not included in the list.

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  1. Jhone says:

    i can wait to try all this apps on my devise, thanks
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  2. Kamran says:

    That is a great list, Relax Melodies is certainly amazing, the melodies are just so soft. Love it.
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