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What should bloggers know about the new Affiliate Ads for Blogger?

Though often overshadowed by WordPress and lately, Tumblr, Blogger continues to be a reliable blogging platform that gives anyone the power to let their voice be heard online. It gets better. Google recently announced the arrival of a new platform feature it calls “Affiliate Ads for Blogger”. In this article, we will discuss what bloggers need to know about this interesting new addition.

Exciting Opportunities for Monetization

With Affiliate Ads for Blogger, Google has introduced a new and exciting way for bloggers to monetize their blogs. While they always had the ability to use AdSense, this option appears to work out even better. The new feature allows bloggers to easily insert ads from affiliates in their posts and earn commissions when readers click them and buy something from the offering website. This tool could be a serious revenue driver for blogs that are rich in quality content and have a loyal readership.

How to Get Started

First thing’s first – bloggers interested in taking advantage of the new Affiliate Ads for Blogger should know that in order to use it, a Google AdSense account is required. Luckily, an account is free and generally easy to set up. Once you have your AdSense account up and running, using the feature is a piece of cake. In fact, everything you need to do can be done right from your dashboard.

If you are eligible for Affiliate Ads for Blogger, you will see the feature whenever you start writing a new blog post. Specifically, you will be able to choose the advertisement for the affiliate you want to promote from the “Advertise Products” section, which is located to the right of your blog editing interface. You have the option to use text links, banners, or images of the products the affiliate is promoting. After making your selection, all you have to do is hit “Publish” and that’s it – the ad is published right along with your blog post. You can now earn money based on the agreement between you and the affiliate.


It is important to note that Affiliate Ads for Blogger is currently being rolled out slowly. For now, the feature is only available to select bloggers in the United States. Another interesting point on the availability front relates to category relevance. The feature is exclusively available to bloggers with blog content that matches up with relevant ad categories. So if your blog is focused on say, Olympic sports, but Google does not have any ads to serve up in that area, you may not be able to use the feature even if you are a U.S. blogger with an Adsense account. Google says it will pass the word when it enters the next phase of the rollout and extends availability.

A blog can be a powerful monetizing machine in and of itself. Google just enhanced that power for users of Blogger with the introduction of Affiliate Ads for Blogger. So if this is your blogging platform, you may want to login, fire up your dashboard and get started right away.

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