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8 Effective Writing Tricks for Every Creative Writer and Blogger to Follow

Creative writing may not be a tiresome physical task but it is definitely a challenging work as it takes a great toll on your mind. Almost every writer would agree that at some point of time they have encountered a writer’s block. While there’s no magical cure that can help you get out of the writer’s block no matter how many coffee you sip in a day, you can always try these hacks and tricks which may help you.

Writing is not for everyone as the whole process requires a lot of hard work, imagination, great amount of patience, and passion for writing content that is loved by your readers. Only few selective and creative individuals can achieve success as a writer or blogger. With an experience of more than 6 years of writing and blogging, I am quite qualified to share some cool writing tricks that can help the newbie writers or blogger to develop highly creative content.

Check this amazing and effective writing hacks that you must follow to hone your skills as a better writer or blogger:

1. Read, Read and Read…

To become a better writer, you should be an avid reader. Many newbie writers or bloggers mostly ignore this fact. Reading would help you explore new horizons and open up your mind to new thoughts that seemed unachievable before. Whether you pick short novels, sci-fi, fantasy or thriller – you will be feeding your mind with some valuable experiences that would enlighten the creative side of yours and make you a better person. The only thing other than reading that gives the same learning experience is traveling. Reading not only helps you grow your vision but it also helps improve your vocabulary hugely.

2. Work in an Environment That Suits You the Best

Many of us believe that a writer must work in perfect silence as it is quite natural to think that a writer requires a calm environment to work. But that’s not the case in reality as it depends upon the writers what ambiance makes them comfortable. Some writers can work well in a busy coffee shop as they can easily get a cup of coffee to sip in as well as the place is always filled with people whom they can observe and collect new ideas. While some other people love writing with their ears plugged with music. I, myself find it easy to write with some light music running through my ears but hate crowded rooms. As a writer, it is very much essential to find the right ambiance that suits your writing.

3. Always Prepare a Draft or Outline Before Writing

To become successful at writing or blogging, you must have great organizational skills. Whether you are writing a book or a blog post, it is highly essential to draft an outline to organize your work into a clear timeline. There are two benefits of preparing an outline before the real writing starts: 1) nothing would be missed out, and 2) the end product would in an organized order. Your writing must serve a purpose or a goal rather than writing just to fill in the word count. Preparing an outline can help you focus on the goal as well as keeps you going even when you’re out of ideas without tampering with the quality of the content.

4. Keep a Notebook or Diary Always

Human mind is the most complex thing in this world. Nobody can predict the timeline or volume of ideas flowing into your brain. It becomes hard to keep a track of all those ideas that comes into your mind as you can’t trust your memory to remember such complex thoughts. For such scenarios, it becomes vital to keep a notebook or diary to keep a note of every important thought or idea that crosses your mind. You can also replace a notebook or diary with your smartphone. There are many apps available in the modern day Smartphones that can help you add a note in the most organized way. This way you can use the latest technology at its best and improve your writing day after day.

5. Disconnect Yourself

Today, the new age of technology comes at a price of varied numbers of distractions whether it’s your phone, laptop, or the social media on the internet. Such distractions are the certain roadblocks for any writer. Hence, it is important to disconnect yourself with these digital gadgets as well as logging off from all your social media accounts while you are writing. If possible, you should also distance yourself from your friends and family for a while to help you develop quality content.

6. Face the Writer’s Block

There will be times when you will run out of ideas and you will be stuck in a writer’s block for a while. Instead of panicking you must accept the writer’s block and let it pass out. During that phase, you can find something new to read or look for a new inspiration by going for a short trip. This may not be helpful in getting you off the writer’s block but it will definitely relax you and help you refresh your mind for a fresh start. After few days of this exercise, you will find a clear path with fresh ideas flowing in.

7. Welcome Criticism

Many modern day writers or bloggers get offended by criticism. Criticism can be very helpful if taken in a positive way. Welcome criticism from anyone, may it be your friend, family or any random person. Hear them out and analyze your writing once again based on those criticism. If you have the heart of facing all criticism in a positive way, then you can improve your writing skills to a whole new level. The critics can help point out tiny loopholes within your writing. With some practice, you can work on these loopholes and become a better writer. Nobody is perfect and there’s always a chance of improvement. Thus, welcome your critics and improve your writing.

8. Believe in Yourself

Lastly, confidence is the key when it comes to writing. If you can’t convince yourself about your writing then your readers would never believe in you either. Hence, the basic rule of writing is to Trust Yourself. You can’t become a better writer if you keep doubting yourself. To finish the work you have started you need the confidence to keep you going. Surround yourself with people who are supportive and input positive thoughts in you to boost your confidence. You are bound to face hurdles and the only way you can overcome these hurdles is by believing in yourself. Develop a strong work ethic and confide in yourself to become a successful writer or blogger.

Try this helpful writing tricks and grow your writing skills.

Let us know in the comments below about the tricks or hacks you apply to help your writing!


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3 thoughts on “8 Effective Writing Tricks for Every Creative Writer and Blogger to Follow”

  1. Edward Thorpe says:

    Hi Rajeesh,

    Loved your writing tips. Especially liked how you balanced tips 7 & 8 with each other: welcome criticism, but believe in yourself; powerful advice.

    My biggest challenge is probably your tip # 3: Always Prepare a Draft or Outline Before Writing. I’ve a bad habit of ‘winging it’ then doing some frustrating re-ordering cut & paste editing.
    Good post, thanks,

  2. Ash says:

    Following up with the last point “Believe in Yourself”, I’d like to expand on that a little.

    The way your blog becomes unique (if you had to repeat what was written earlier) is the fact that you have a unique voice.

    Consider this example: there’s an accident on the road, and the mob is milling about. You ask “What happened?” to person 1. Then, you might ask person 2. Then maybe more.

    Each person has a different way of saying the same thing, right?

    Your blog is yours. The way you write has the power to invoke trust, belief, and love.

    This could, for all practical purposes, be the best tip off the list, Rajeesh.

  3. Lyons Elsa says:

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful information with us. Keep sharing such useful content with us in future.

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