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6 Most Common Misconceptions about Blogging Misleading Newbie Bloggers

Blogging has developed into a full flourished industry today. Being in the industry for more than 5 years now, I see a lot of folks inclined towards blogging in the hope of making quick money online. Yes, blogging is one of the simplest ways to make money online. However, simple doesn’t mean that it is easy as well.

Blogging is a great medium to connect with people while helping them with proper guides, news, tutorials or mere updates, in the meanwhile giving you an opportunity to make money. Understanding this basic concept about blogging is very important to start blogging and become successful at it. But, that’s not enough.

While the blogging industry grew by leaps and bounds, it is also spreading too many misconceptions about the overall concept of blogging. To become successful at blogging, you first need to clear the following misconceptions about the medium and assess yourself whether you are making the right choice to choose the career path as a professional blogger.

Some popular misconceptions built around blogging:

Blogging Misconceptions

Misconception #1 – Anybody can become a Problogger!

Anybody can become a blogger, but not everyone among them becomes a problogger. Though unfortunate, it’s a true fact that casual blogging and professional blogging are two different entities. While casual blogging is limited to publishing daily updates and sharing useful information, problogging is much beyond that.

Problogging a.k.a Professional Blogging is about making a living out of blogging. You can’t be a problogger, if you don’t intend to earn your bread and butter through blogging. It requires a lot of planning and step-by-step approach to earn that 1st milestone of $100 a month from the blog. Most bloggers who enter the scene believe that blogging is all about writing articles and the money will start pouring.

A blogger needs to set the right monetization channels and follow proper promotional tactics in order to be a professional at blogging. You could never get successful, if the approach towards blogging is casual with a hope that it will fetch money on its own one day and you will be finally able to quit your regular 9 to 5 jobs.

Misconception #2 – Money starts pouring the moment you start blogging.

Blogging has the potential to earn a living for you. However, to start a decent earning through blogging requires patience. There’s no way one could get overnight success at blogging. It takes at least 3 months to build decent traffic on your blog, if you are a newbie and opting for organic traffic. Once you have achieved some decent traffic, you can either setup Google Adsense or any other advertising channels and slowly earn money out of your blog.

There’s no way that you will earn money blogging on its own by simply writing and publishing articles on a regular basis. You must research about the famous advertisement channels as well as look for affiliate merchants or publishers that may suit your blog and try them on your blog to see what yields better returns or income from your blog.

You may always register for a Google Adsense Account in order to place Google Ads on your blog. You can also try different advertisement channels like BuySellAds and a few others while the Google Adsense account is approved. You can also look out for Affiliate merchants relevant to your blog’s niche at sites such as ClickBank, Commission Junction, Share a Sale etc. to earn lead or sale based commissions.

Misconception #3 – Blogging is a rocket science that only a few can understand.

There is actually a mental block I see among many newbie bloggers now days. With WordPress, blogging becomes so easy that if you can operate your Facebook account, you can easily manage your blog. Everything in WordPress is automated and if you have the basic knowledge of English, MS Office, and basic software or web application, blogging is not at all a rocket science.

The actual problem is lack of confidence among these bloggers. They often fear that if they hit any wrong settings or push any wrong buttons, their blog will crash and they will lose all the data. Everyone, who is blogging today on WordPress, must know that WordPress has a huge plugin repository with a number of free WordPress plugins that could solve almost any problem on your blog such as backing up data, caching web pages, filtering spam comments, etc.

Misconception #4 – Blogging is the easiest tool for making money online.

Making money online through blogging is not easy at all. Although, it is the simplest mode of making money online, blogging is definitely not an easy task. It requires the similar effort and hard work that any other profession demands and there’s no easy money involved when it comes to blogging.

A successful blog needs quality content and effective marketing strategies. There is a lot of effort required to develop such content and hours of hard work is put into follow the marketing strategies in order to make sure the blog posts reach the right audience. After following a strict schedule like any other regular job for couple of rigorous months, the blog would start building a loyal readership and reach the potential to earn good money through a variety of blog monetization models.

Misconception #5 – You can blog only if you’re proficient in English language.

Of course, English is the most popular medium of a blog now days, but it’s not an official language to blog. Many folks believe that they can’t blog because their English is weak, believing that English is the only language medium of blogging. It may be true 10 years ago, but today there are many regional blogs in their respective local languages. These blogs may not attract a wider audience because of the language barrier, but if written and marketed well, then such blogs have the potential to reach the targeted audience that could get you better returns in the long run.

So, if you ace at any regional language but not English, then start a blog in your regional language and give it a shot.

Misconception #6 – Sharing or tagging your friends with every blog post you publish is cool!

I have seen that many newbie bloggers now days tag their friends on Facebook when they share their newly published posts on the social network. It may be a very effective technique as it will instantly notify a bunch of people about your new posts but it may also be quite annoying for your friends when the frequency of such tags is quite recurrent throughout the week.

It is completely normal to tag fellow bloggers or enthusiasts who are interested in your niche to notify about your new posts. However, it must be limited to some special posts that would educate or update these folks about some new study or their own perspective about a certain topic. You must tag your friends only if you are 100% sure that it will be helpful to them and must not be just to boost your blog traffic. Continuous tagging may yield good results early on, but it will also start annoying your friends and force them to disable your permission to tag them eventually.


Most folks enter the blogging arena just to make money as they came across a few successful bloggers who are earning six-figure income through blogging on Facebook or Twitter. What they don’t realize is the fact that there’s a lot of creativity, patience and hard work involved to be successful at blogging. Hence, Blogging is just like any other profession and should be considered as a career path rather than a money making medium.

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32 thoughts on “6 Most Common Misconceptions about Blogging Misleading Newbie Bloggers”

  1. Suraj Tandon says:

    Nice Post Rajeesh, I totally agree with 4th point. I saw many people who have little knowledge about internet enter in this field, because they think earning online is easy just like surfing internet. Actually they don’t have idea, how much hard work and patience is required to get success in blogging.

    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Yes Suraj,

      People don’t actually appreciate the hard work behind the success of a blog. A blogger churns out for days and nights to build an earning out of his/her blog. It takes time and patience.. Yes, I agree that once the money starts raking in, it gets easier as you have then understood the whole concept what will work and what won’t…

  2. Udit rathod says:

    Ya Rajeesh Nair I am totally agree with you. Blogging is not an easy thing many newbie think that making money on online through a blog is the easiest way then they start blogging, but soon they realize the truth and as-usual they quit.

    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Exactly Udit…

      Blogging is seen as a simple and easy job because all that a blogger needs to do is write content. However, nobody realizes the fact that it takes helluva creativity, hard work and patience to develop quality content and in addition, there are lot of efforts made to market those content to outreach the right audience. I simple have one simple advice to anyone entering the blogging scene, “Start blogging if you are up for the challenge that comprises of hard work and patience for the long run.

      1. udit rathod says:

        Ya right Rajeesh Nair
        Pro blogging need patience, consistency and most important vision.

  3. Muhammad Imran says:

    All of your points are valid. I get my first income via blogging after 1 year of working. Now I am planning to do some more thing because I want to become a pro-blogger. Blogging is not easy, it want a lot of work and planning+ time management.

    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Cent Percent Muhammad Imran.

      Blogging is a great industry but I simply have one advice to the folks entering this business.. Please don’t walk into blogging for just making money.. It’s a tool and if one uses it wisely, he/she can be a successful influencer, entrepreneur, author, professional blogger or whatever he/she wants as blogging helps you connect with people in a way that no other platform does.

  4. Erika Mohssen-Beyk says:

    Very good, Rajeesh ,
    I like your post and it is honest.
    Many start blogging and think it is easy.
    But it is hard work and needs patients, it
    does not work over night. It needs really
    ambitious and dedicated people to get to
    the goal to make a living of it.

    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Thanks a lot Erika for stopping by…

      Yes, blogging is seen as easy money and many folks jump onto it. However, when they realize the hardships and efforts that it takes to be successful at blogging, they simply quit.

  5. Joy Healey says:

    Hi Rajeesh,

    I’m glad you are spreading the word that making money blogging is not easy – far too many spread the myth that that it IS easy, and many people can quit because they don’t make money right away, so feel their blog is a failure.

    I really don’t like being tagged in post, or people posting what they THINK I should see on Facebook, however kindly meant. I do not want to mix my personal FB profile with my business page because my family are not supportive of my business. I have changed my privacy setting, but I still find it a nuisance.

    The more people that get all your messages the better.


    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Hey Joy,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, my intention was to make people understand that blogging requires patience and hard work. There’s no easy money in this industry. Work hard, grab the right opportunities, build your network & readership, money will eventually flow. But, I see that many newbie blogger, the moment they register their domain, they look for make money ideas or opportunities and end up failing.

      With this post, I hope I am able to send the right message to the right people.

  6. Sue Bride says:

    I was blogging for a few years before I even tried to make money with it. I did it for pleasure and as a way to encourage me to continue learning and pass on that knowledge on. I found that despite experience with writing a blog there’s a whole lot of extra learning needed if you want to make money with it.

  7. Claudia Peevy says:

    Thanks Rajeesh. You make some very valid points here!

    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Thanks Claudia..

      Keep reading!!

  8. Mary Sloane says:

    Great post Rajeesh

    Blogging looks easy and seems like something everyone can do and they can…. but only if they work their butts off and learn to do it well.

    Great read for people looking at blogging and wanting to really make something of blogging. Annoying all your online friends is definitely NOT your way to fame and fortune

    To the Top


    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Exactly Mary..

      Blogging can reap good income but only if one is determined to give in good quality time to it. Also, knowledge is the key to become successful in blogging. In depth knowledge and hard work is essential to become a problogger.

      Keep reading…

  9. Edward Thorpe says:

    Hi Rajeesh,

    Excellent post about the reality of blogging. Blogging is hard work and it’s easy to burn out if you’re not feeling your chosen niche. Good job.

    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Thanks Edward for stopping by..

      Yes, blogging may be one of the simplest way to earn money online but it surely is not as easy as it seems in the outer world. Just like any other profession, it takes time, patience and hard work to make it big at blogging…

      Keep reading..

  10. Alize Camp says:

    I would like to discuss a bit about the point #5. If you can’t speak English well, you still can hire someone to write articles to you and making money from it.


    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Yes Alize,

      There are many bloggers out there for whom English is not their first language. And many of them are successful at blogging in English because they hire writers to do their job. Blogging is no more a personal affair, it has evolved as a full-fledged industry with so many business opportunities…

  11. Linda March says:

    Blogging was a passion and for the moment is still a passion, even if you can obtain some money out of it. If you don’t dedicate a little bit more time for it each day, it’s hard to go pro.

  12. Sikhar Dhawan says:

    Having patience while blogging is a very important factor. Everyone expects their blog to rank and start making money instantly but in reality that doesn’t happen.

    So, it’s very important to have lots of patience.

  13. Ash says:


    If you could actually collect all of those misconceptions, you’d never be able to complete a list like that 🙂

    You are right: you don’t make money by blogging just like that. It’s like any other business, and you’d have to put in all that you can into it. Somehow, the digital nature of blogging tends to make it easy to put common sense aside.


  14. Jhon Smith says:

    Great post Rajeesh
    thanks for sharing this post.

  15. Ms jui says:

    My intention was to make people understand that blogging requires patience and hard work. There’s no easy money in this industry. Work hard, grab the right opportunities, build your network & readership, money will eventually flow.

  16. Ramy says:

    Hello Rajeesh!
    Thanks for sharing this post about the 6 Most Common Misconceptions about Blogging Misleading Newbie Bloggers. This awesome article has inspired me a lot which you have shared in this post. As I inform you that this awesome post helps me in my work because, recently; I have joined my new job in IT Sector and this awesome post inspired me a lot.
    In my next comment, I will inform you everything clearly that how can your blog help me, what I had learned from your blog.
    Thanks a lot once again…..!

  17. George says:

    Hello Rajeesh!
    Great post; Thanks for sharing this wonderful post about the 6 Most Common Misconceptions about Blogging Misleading Newbie Bloggers.
    This awesome article has inspired me a lot which you have shared in this post. As I inform you that this awesome post helps me in my work because, recently; I have joined my new job in IT Sector and this awesome post inspired me a lot.
    Thanks a lot once again…..!

  18. Tahir Majeed says:

    I read your Article Awasome Article. its true life is not bed of roses. If you start any work without hard work you can’t achieve your goal. In start we face difficulties If we face these difficulties in patience way and work hard after time passing we can achieve our goal. Blogging is easy field or difficult its depend on your truest if you have trust You can do it so you can achieve and get your goal patience are most important If you start new things You can use market related different strategies you can achieve your goal easily. I feel I take more confident After Reading your Article. Please share this type of other related article.

    Thanks for share.

  19. viki debbarma says:

    Excellent article it really help me to understand with new things and exprienced…! thanx for the tips!

  20. Moonis Elahi says:


  21. Sukanya says:

    Best ever blog for beginners for blogging. It helped me a lot to start my new blog.

  22. Betty says:

    Some bloggers just want to make money, some bloggers just do it for themselves. Nevertheless – everybody has a lot to learn and thats why its so interesting, work is never done 🙂

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