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PickDigest was developed with an aim to deliver latest technology updates and gadget reviews for its readers but eventually it became a Digital Lifestyle Magazine. The main goal of PickDigest is to become one of the most subscribed and read Digital Lifestyle Magazine of the World. The team at PickDigest focuses on the topics that apply in our day to day lives defining the modern 21st Century digital lifestyle.

At PickDigest, we have managed to split the contents into sub-editorials as follows

PickDigest was founded in the later part of 2011 by its founders Rajeesh Nair and Pooja Sehra.

The story goes like this,

Rajeesh, who already was into blogging via BloggersWord, often used to discuss along with his friend Pooja about Smartphones, Gadgets and other latest updates in the technology. They often shared knowledge they found on the internet like latest Smartphones available in the market, being internet marketing professionals they also discussed a lot about the updates about Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. and also used to give their own views on the updates and latest gadgets. Like others they also followed popular technology blogs such as TechCrunch, Mashable, Cnet, Yahoo Tech etc.

Actually this interest and knowledge sharing habit of both inspired them to start their own Lifestyle Blog and named it “PickDigest” and now they are all set to create an history of their own in the internet world.

Here’s the Valuable PD Team behind PickDigest:

Initially looked after the Lifestyle section at PickDigest, before a fully functional lifestyle blog in the form of LifeBlender was born. Being a fitness enthusiast and health expert herself she regularly provides handy tips and information on health and fitness on our lifestyle blog. On PickDigest, she offers her valuable insights and wide knowledge about the latest SEO trends and Social Media updates. Also, she is the main person behind the design and layout related updates on the website.

  • Rajeesh Nair / Founder & Editor-in-Chief at PickDigest & Co-funder at LifeBlender

Handles updating and reviewing all the major news and articles submitted on PickDigest. Besides being an Editor, he also posts major part of valuable information and updates on PickDigest.

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