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10 Amazing Indian Bloggers Who Inspire, Educate and Guide Others in the Blogosphere

Blogging is emerging as the hottest industry over the web. It provides a great platform to the youngsters who wish to make a career out of something they are really passionate about. Even though, blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea, there are many examples of individuals all over the globe, who have left high paying MNC jobs in order to start as a Problogger (i.e. Professional Blogging).

Most of these probloggers have become an inspiration to many youngsters around the world to try their hands at blogging. Initially gaining popularity in the United States, Blogging has reached the far corners of the world especially in India. Although, the concept of blogging was adapted as the media where users could update or store their daily logs or activities in a chronological order. Today, that simple online logging system has turned into a full-fledged revenue generating business model.

I have tried to create a list of top amazing Indian bloggers whom you must follow and get inspired, if you are also working towards your dream of becoming a problogger. Remember, they are the best at what they do and have their own unique style of guiding, teaching, communicating, sharing and promoting through their blogs.

Top Indian Bloggers of All Time

So, here are the top Indian Bloggers list that I take inspiration from:

1. Amit Agarwal –

Popularly touted as the Father of Indian Blogging, Amit Agarwal is the owner of which is a blog that publishes how-to articles on computer software, consumer gadgets, and web applications that boost productivity. He is an IITian and holds a B.Tech degree in Computer Science. After working at ADP for some time, he shifted his focus on blogging, hereby earning the title of being the first Indian professional blogger. Owing to his academic skills, he is the best fit to write about technology based guides and how-to articles. He also runs a YouTube channel under his personal brand and has over 25000 subscribers.

Blog URL –

YouTube Channel –

2. Harsh Agrawal –

If Amit Agarwal is the father of Indian Blogging, is definitely the Wikipedia of Blogging especially in the Indian blogosphere. is founded and owned by Harsh Agrawal who is also a computer engineer. Like many other engineering graduates, Harsh also dreamt of getting placed in a reputed multi-national company  that would give both security and stability to his career. But, the future had planned something else for him as his Accenture placement delayed because of the recession, which prompted him to start blogging while working part-time. The rest is history as today is undoubtedly one of the top blogs in India and a treasure of knowledge for blogging enthusiasts. Lately, he is branding himself as the face of Indian blogging  by addressing keynotes at several events all over India. He also runs a personal YouTube channel where he shares his views on Blogging, SEO as well as interviews of other famous internet entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Blog URL –

YouTube URL –

3. S Pradeep Kumar –

Undoubtedly, the most humble blogger in India, S Pradeep Kumar is the founder and owner of Like most of the probloggers in India, Pradeep also started blogging as fun, but gradually understood the value and scope of professional blogging. Today, he runs a number of blogs around different niche such as Blogging, Technology, Entertainment, Food etc. under his company named SlashSquare. No doubt, he is an excellent blogger, but lately, he has also proved that he is also one of the best brand managers in the country. He has built multiple brands out of Facebook groups in different niches which were later converted into popular blogs like MoviesDrop and DeviceBar. I considered him as the Engagement Guru of Indian Blogosphere.

Blog URL –

4. Arun Prabhudesai –

Arun Prabhudesai is the founder of, a news and opinion site started in 2007. Although, it was started as a blog in its early days where Arun shared his views and opinions about the Startup Buzz, the website has progressed to become one of the leading tech news portal of India. He had over 12 years of experience in the IT industry working at different firms in US, UK and India before trying his hands on entrepreneurship. His first stint at entrepreneurship happened to be Armoks Interactive Labs that manages its flagship site, that registers over a million pageviews per month. The firm also offers Mobile App Development services as well as Social Media consulting to niche enterprises around the globe. Other than Armoks Interactive Labs, he has also co-founded 2 other companies, namely Hover Technologies  and My Open Campus.

Blog URL –

5. Shraddha Sharma –

Believing in the fact that every story is unique and every story matters, Shraddha Sharma decided to launch a blog platform to address the unique stories of Indian entrepreneurship in 2008. The blog is none other than, which is currently recognized as the No.1 Media platform for entrepreneurs to share their stories. With over 5 million readers across the globe, is one big platform for the entrepreneurs, both established and emerging, to search for networking opportunities. Till now, the site has featured more than 15,000 entrepreneur stories from various industries. Having prior experience in journalism after working at leading media channels such as Times of India and CNBC TV18, Shraddha Sharma has truly build her own story while sharing inspiring stories via YourStory platform.

Blog URL –

6. Ashish Sinha –

Next on our list is Ashish Sinha, the founder of (previously known as, a startup and tech news portal of India. Ashish Sinha is an IIT Roorke and IIM Bangalore graduate, who quit his high paying job at Yahoo in order to launch (later changed to, which ultimately allowed him to nurture his dream of helping startups and connecting them with Angel Investors. Famously touted as the TechCrunch of India, NextBigWhat led by Ashish is among the top independent startup and tech news publishing portals that also includes and mentioned earlier.

Blog URL –

7. Srinivas Tamada –

One of the technically sound bloggers in the Indian blogosphere, Srinivas Tamadas provides guides and tutorials on different programming languages on his blog at The blog is ideal for anybody who has queries or doubts regarding different web development technologies, web design, database management, Facebook/Twitter API or basic programming. is a great source of learning hub for fresh programmers, as it offers some of the most complicated tutorials in a simple format which is easy to grasp and understand. Apart from blogging, Srinivas has also created a product called Wall Script 7 which works as an ideal Social Networking script. He is living his dream as an internet entrepreneur with his blogging and programming skills.

Blog URL –

8. Bharat Nagpal –

Another iconic blogger in the Indian blogosphere is Bharat Nagpal, the founder and chief editor of iGyaan. Bharat Nagpal stepped into blogging when he launched on 7th June 2010. The blog focuses upon consumer gadgets and technology used around the consumer gadget industry. Being not the only blog that focused on such a niche at that time, Bharat Nagpal decided to start a YouTube channel to support the website. The unboxing videos at iGyaan YouTube channel were an instant hit among the tech enthusiasts, especially from India and the website gained popularity as the ultimate source for gadget reviews. Owing to the huge success of iGyaan, Bharat Nagpal also tried other industries such as Automobiles, Food, and Lifestyle by launching few more blogs under the iGyaan Network.

Blog URL –

YouTube Channel –

9. Raju PP –

Raju PP launched, branded as Technology Personalized, in 2008 after quitting his day job in the pursuit of making a career out of blogging. He has an Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communications, which justifies his passion towards Tech Blogging. has evolved as one of the top technology blogs not just in India, but on a global platform. The blog has been quoted several times on popular tech portals such as TechCrunch, TechMeme, GigaOM, CNET, Engadget and many others. According to Raju, the sole purpose of starting was to share his views and opinions about the ongoing technology updates openly with the readers of the blog. In addition to the blog, there is also a YouTube channel managed by Raju for

Blog URL –

YouTube Channel –

10. Manish Chauhan –

When most of the bloggers are either involved in technology or blogging niche, Manish Chauhan chose to do something different. Considering the monetization factor in mind, many newbie bloggers opt for either Technology or Blogging niche in order to earn money easy and fast through blogging. These newbie bloggers should be inspired by Manish Chauhan, who broke the trend and chose to follow his passion in the finance niche by starting With regular updates of quality articles and in-depth information about financial products, is considered as the most favored platform for all finance and investment related advice. Owing to his rich expertise in the niche, Manish also offers services like Financial Planning as well as advice on the best insurance plans available in the market.

Blog URL –

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