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How to Find The Right Domain Name For Your Startup?

Since the popularity of startups like Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter etc., choosing the right name for the startup has become one of the top priorities before launching the venture. In addition to the familiarity with the type of business, the name must also be unique yet easy to remember.

However, the main criteria of choosing the right name for startup begins with the availability of the domain name with top-level domain extensions. With hundreds of websites launching every day, it becomes difficult to find the desired domain name with TLDs.  At such times, one can always look for name suggestion tools specially designed to search unique and catchy domain names using an array of different extensions.

Gone are the days when a simple search on Godaddy would do the trick to register the desired domain name. Given the fact that, most of the common names are already registered, it becomes important to use these name suggestion tools to mix and match different names in order to find the best domain name that is short, unique and easy to remember.

Top 5 Domain Name Suggestion Tools:


Panabee is domain registrar with a unique search form that allows you to choose 2 different words and it will provide you with relevant domain name suggestions available, combining the two words and other available combinations based on its search algorithm. Unlike other domain registrars where you input a single word, Panabee works the best when you input two words in the search box. Use Panabee’s unique name generator tool to find the desired domain name that resonates with your startup venture.

Dictionary Domains

In order to find the right words and its meaning, there couldn’t be a better resource than a dictionary. Similarly, to find the right words for a domain name, Dictionary Domains is one of the best name suggestion tools available on the web. Dictionary Domains helps you with a list of available domain names using a variety of different domain extensions in an alphabetical order just like a dictionary. There’s also an option to get new domain suggestions based on favored keywords using the search option.

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domains Search is yet another domain name generator tool on the web that offers a lot of domain name suggestions based on the search. Lean Domain Search also provides a list of 5000 popularly used domain suffixes and prefixes which makes finding and registering a catchy domain name simple and fast. The tool also shows the availability of the domain name as vanity URLs on Facebook and Twitter. Try this tool today to find the right domain name using the variety of suffixes and prefixes with your favored keyword.

Short Domain Search

With new domain extensions in the industry, there’s a sudden demand for short domains. The main reason being the ease of memorizing the name as well as the brand value of a real short name – like 3 letters short. Yes, you read that right. There are many such short domains available in the industry and the best place to search for such domains is at Short Domain Search. On this website, there is a list of best short domain names that refreshes every 10 minutes, so the list remains fresh based on the availability of the name. Simply find the right name among the list and register with its affiliate domain registrar. Quick and easy!


Ok. I would admit that I have kept the best for the last. Domainr is an excellent name generator tool available on the web today. Simply enter the favored keywords in the search box and the tool would generate available list of domain name suggestions under different extensions. The tool is highly favored by the brand managers who are in search for an easy short URL for their website domain. Domainr is also a great tool to find primary domains as it offers a variety of different suggestions based on the keywords even if it’s not available but on sale.

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  1. Saif ur Rehman says:

    I am a beginner want to know which is the best name provider.

    1. Rajeesh Nair says:

      Godaddy is the best. However, you can also try NameCheap as well. If you are planning to get a new hosting service, then do check if they are already providing a free domain name.

  2. Vinita says:

    Really useful Tools. I have bookmarked your website. Here I have found useful content. Thanks for sharing.

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    the article has lot of information on domain name,
    domain name should be memorable, special and unforgettable.

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