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Top 3 Ways to Generate Leads Using Facebook Marketing

Generate Leads Using Facebook MarketingFacebook is one social media platform that offers amazing influence to almost all of the population around the globe. It was developed as a way for friends, families, colleagues, former classmates, etc to get in touch with each other by sharing information, photos, videos, and other things about their lives. This widely successful media platform has evolved from its classic nature, and no doubt this has become a genuine gateway to generate to generate leads for a specific online business today.

Using specific Facebook marketing strategy affects in generating highest leads for your business. Online marketers have no doubt practicing this tactics in a way of Facebook promotion, since Facebook has become one of the major traffic contributors today. So, what are those factors?

  1. Your Profile – No doubt that your Facebook profile is one of the great factor-generating leads in Facebook marketing because if you build a strong, trusted profile that has a very good reputation to the public, people will trust you.

    So, invite like-minded people that have same interest with you and build it around your circle. Share information that you think would be useful to them.

    Your profile must be entertaining, not annoying. Remember; do not talk about your business on your profile. Your profile must be purely of personal interests and information. Not business related, just talk about interest and entertain your friends. In that, people in your circle (friend’s list) will not get annoyed.

  2. Facebook Fan Page – Since you have created a strong solid circle of like-minded people of your friend’s list on your Facebook profile, it is your great chance now to bring them all to your “fan page” where you showcase your interest in a form of marketing. Ask them to “like” your page.

    On your fan page, be sure to update it regularly as possible. Linking your blog post to your Facebook wall is a great help, because every time you post on your blog, if you have linked your  post directly to your Facebook wall, it is less effort, right?

    Never leave your audience (your circle) on the line after liking your page, let them feel that they are special to you. Send them personal messages as possible, and let them be aware of what is new to your business or company. Maybe, new deals or promo offers.

  3. Create Group Page – This is one factor of generating leads using Facebook marketing promotion, because this will enables you and your audience to interact with each other sharing same interest and ideas in a specific matter.  Bring your audience/customers out of the box.

    Group page is like a forum site on Facebook, it will allow people to discuss certain topics about   anything they want. So, if you are actively participating to Facebook group forums, it s your   great chance to introduce your product or business.

    If someone had posted a question on a group page, make sure to answer it with quality content so that you will dominate among others and they will establish trust on you.

If you will follow this simple Facebook marketing tips, you would probably generate leads and increase the performance of your business in a relevant way. Just think of these three things I summed-up:

  • Your Profile – purely personal related
  • Your Fan Page – purely business related
  • Group Page – purely discussion of interests, tips, etc.

That’s it and you’ll get on top.

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