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Before we show how to subscribe to our blog, here are 10 reasons why you should subscribe to my blog either by using rss or via e-mail:

Reason #1: You can get notified automatically via RSS or e-mail when I’ve updated the blog. Rss is not as mainstream as e-mail but it will be soon and has many benefits as you’ll see below. More info on rss.

Reason #2: No spam if you use an rss reader! Unlike e-mail, you don’t have to worry about spam and when you subscribe to someone’s blog using any of the popular rss readers or services (google reader or bloglines), you only get their blog posts and NOTHING ELSE! More info on rss.

Reason #3: You get fresh gadget news, technology updates, reviews on a daily basis.

Reason #4: If I’m running a contest or any kind of time-sensitive event, you’re the first to know in seconds.

Reason #5: Leave comments and see what other people think. You’d be surprised how much you can learn from other readers who have interesting responses to blog topics.

Reason #6: If you subscribe via your phone, you can receive blog posts on the go!

Reason #7: You don’t have to keep reminding yourself to visit the blog because you’ll automatically be notified.

Reason #8: You can subscribe to a number of blogs (not just mine) and a good rss reader will keep them all organized for you and let you archive them by date and easily search posts. All blogs will have a little rss icon and all you have to do is click on it or copy the icon to an rss reader to subscribe. It’s really cool.

Reason #9: You don’t even have to visit my website if you don’t want to. You can view entire posts from your blog reader or e-mail, if you’ve chosen that option.

Reason #10: Being a part of the blog world is cool!

Thanks for subscribing! 🙂

Here are some good ways to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the tech and gadgets world..

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