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RailYatri app review: Your Travel Companion for train travels in India

Well, trains are the most preferred mode of transport in India as they are cheaper, more comfortable and most importantly safer compared to any other transport facility in the country.

However, at times, it becomes important for the commuters to get basic information such as PNR status, seat availability and train time table etc. on the go. Here’s where RailYatri mobile app comes for the rescue.

Yes, with RailYatri app installed on your Smartphone, you can not only avail the PNR status, seat availability or train time table but also enjoy some fancy features like GPS locator, fare calculator and speedometer.

Overview of RailYatri App:

Available on Android, iOS and Windows platforms, the RailYatri app is an ultimate tool to find, locate and track trains on the go. Basically, the RailYatri app is a digital timetable for trains along with a number of interesting add-on features.

This app is easy to use and is your perfect companion while travelling on trains. On a single dashboard, you can get almost every single feature or query, you have been looking for about the train you may be travelling on or you are travelling on. It is a perfect Smartphone app for rail commuters to get the travel information about the trains on the go.

RailYatri App ReviewAlthough the user interface may not look attractive, the features of this app are pretty awesome. All the basic details about the trains, whether it’s the time table, PNR status, Train running status, Seat Availability etc. are just a tap or two away on the app. On the top of it, the RailYatri app doesn’t just cover the information about the trains administered by Indian Railways but it also tracks the information about the local trains from 11 different cities.

Alongside train timings and seat availability options, the app also allows you to “Book A Meal” during your rail yatra (train journey). The service claims to have tie-ups with food vendors across 300 stations across India and hence all you need is to enter your train name or PNR number, and there are multiple food options listed for you to choose from. In addition, it also gives you a break from the low quality pantry car food served by default on trains in India and allows you to order quality food in train.

My Review on RailYatri App:

Overall, I loved the app as I am someone who always prefers trains rather than any other mode of transport. Hence, getting PNR status, seat availability and train time table options on the go are some features that you can die for. In addition to these, you also get some additional features such as Book A Meal and Bus Ticket Booking, both of which would come handy, while commuting through train.

With “Book A Meal”, you get the liberty to choose the type of food you want to eat, whereas “Bus Ticket Booking” allows you to set up transport to your final destination as trains don’t cover all the destinations in India. You can also use the “Bus Ticket Booking” irrespective of whether you travel through train or not.

Another interesting fact about the app is that it uses an interface similar to Google Cards on Google Now. With such feature, you can set a card you wish on the dashboard of the app for your convenience while travelling to know the train location as well as the accurate arrival time, so you can board the train on time.

Another excellent feature about the app is its tracking system, which is convenient as well as accurate most of the times. All you need is a train number or the name of the train, and you can track the current location of the train on the map as well as the estimated arrival time at every station en route. The app outranks all the other travel apps because of its fine integration with Google Maps on Android OS and Bing Maps on Windows platform.

RailYatri App also features RailWisdom, which allows the user to get more information about the city; he/she is travelling to. This basically covers the speciality of the city, the food options as well as nearby places for sightseeing. Besides that, this feature also navigates the user through the railway station, so the user could identify well with the station, whether he/she is looking for food or other basic necessities like waiting room, toilets or exit ways.

The app will try to access your SMSes during the installation. However, there is nothing to worry about giving such an authority to the app as it needs the access only to track the IRCTC booking SMS from your inbox, so it could track the current PNR status and further train details on your platter instantly.

Yet, there are some flaws with the app or let’s say scope of improvements at some parts. There are some disappointments with the user interface part. Although, easy to use, it can be a bit more attractive and with better colours. Also, being a free app, in order to monetize, the app displays a lot of ads that could be irritating at times. Especially at the “Time Table” feature, there’s a pop-up after every single search, which makes it a bit annoying for the user. Also, in terms of technical interface, there’s a slight lag that you could give when you choose rapid navigation within the app.

Nevertheless, the best feature of the app is its current location marker on the route of the train, whether you are on board or not.

Verdict of RailYatri App:


  • Excellent travel companion while travelling through trains in India
  • Free on both Android and Windows Platform
  • Accurate tracking system
  • RailWisdom helps you know a bit more about your destination for easy commuting.
  • Offers excellent features such as PNR Status enquiry, Seat Availability, Train Timetable, Bus Booking, Book A Meal etc.
  • Also offers some interesting and fancy features such as Speedometer, RailWisdom, GPS locator etc.


  • Dull and unattractive user interface
  • Regular Ad Pop-ups

Final Verdict:

The app is the ideal companion for all who travel by train in India. Although, there is some scope of improvements, RailYatri app is currently one of the best travel apps in India.

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