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Top 10 UK Bloggers Influencing The European Blogosphere

Blogging is spreading worldwide, providing a new career path with the freedom to explore one’s own skills and talents by sharing knowledge with the local and global audience.

In the UK as well, there are a number of bloggers who are making their presence felt by focusing on a niche that resonates with the British or specifically a European audience. While United States and India see a huge rise in tech bloggers, UK Blogging industry is largely dominated by fashion and travel bloggers.

Best UK Bloggers Dominating Their Blogosphere

The main reasons for the popularity of fashion and travel niche in the UK blogosphere may be the huge fashion and travel industry that is spread across Europe. However, this is also the reason why the list of top 10 UK bloggers is largely dominated by fashion and travel bloggers.

Let’s take a look at the highly influential top UK bloggers serving the blogging industry.

Susanna Lau (

The first on our list is Susanna Lau, who is one of the top fashion bloggers in the world. She writes about her personal thoughts on fashion at Style Bubble sharing her experiences and observations about the fashion industry. Her blog focuses upon finding young talent that is never explored or spotted. Before Style Bubble, Susanna started her career as editor for Dazed Digital, the website of Dazed and Confused magazine. Today, she is completely focused on her blog while managing some freelance writings for the brands like Elle, The Daily Rubbish and Dazed Digital.

Samantha and Nic Chapman (

Second spot is acquired by not one but two bloggers, who happen to be sisters, named Samantha Chapman and Nic Haste, the founders of Pixiwoo. However odd it may seem, Pixiwoo is a leading brand on YouTube for makeup and skin care beauty tips. They became instantly popular since they launched their YouTube channel, Pixiwoo, that offers makeup and skincare tips. Currently, their blog is listed among the top 10 UK bloggers’ lists accumulated by various different blog networks across the globe.

Paul Johnson (

Being the founder of one of the world’s famous travel blogs, Paul Johnson is the proud owner of A Luxury Travel Blog. Having precisely over 25 years of experience in the travel industry, Paul is definitely the right man for travel tips across the globe. His vast experience in the industry has definitely fetched him the status of an influencer as an expert travel blogger.Today, his travel blog enjoys more than 250,000 unique visitors per month, 530,000 twitter followers as well as 260,000 fans on Facebook. As the name of the blog includes the term “Luxury”, Paul writes about luxurious hotels and resorts, finest restaurants and other news about the luxury travel industry with the help of his team of more than 400 writers and guest bloggers.

Zoe – (

Yet another beauty and fashion lifestyle blog, Zoella is the brainchild of a 25 year old young write and enthusiast of all things named Zoe. She hopped on the blogging journey after indulging in various different beauty blogs in order to keep up with the latest beauty and fashion trends. Eventually, she decided to launch Zoella, where she writes about things she likes about beauty, food, lifestyle and fashion. She also has a couple of YouTube channels alongside her love for photography. With her debut novel “Girl Online”, she has also stepped into the publishing world as a successful author.

Victoria – (

In The Frow is a Fashion and Lifestyle blog run by Victoria, who is a mid-twenties writer, photographer, enthusiast and editor based in the UK. She got the idea to start In The Frow during her lectureship job at the University of Manchester. She also holds a PhD degree in Fashion and is an expert on various topics such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and food. Being a stylist persona herself, Victoria also runs a YouTube channel, where she uploads videos about newest styles and their reviews.

Paul Steele – (

Well, started off as a personal blog by Paul Steele in 2010, Bald Hiker is now an established travel blog with plenty of adventure stories posted by Paul himself as well as his traveler friends across the globe. The travel stories mentioned on Bald Hiker are the personal views about the places visited by the author himself that also includes reviews about gadgets and the kit used during the journey. Such an experience sharing platform makes this travel blog, click well with the audience gaining a huge number of followers around the world.

Annabel Beeforth – (

Set forth as a passion project by Annabel Beeforth, Love My Dress is today one of the hot favorite resource for new brides planning for their special day. Surprisingly, Annabel launched Love My Dress in 2009 right after her own wedding. Currently, Love My Dress offers great resources for wedding planning that blends in with glamour, elegance and style. The concept behind Love My Dress is to connect the readers with quality suppliers and wedding planners as well as published content that describes the nature of true love and value of weddings and marriage.

Charlotte O’Shea – (

Rock My Wedding is yet another wedding blog crafted by Charlotte O’Shea, who just like Annabel of Love My Dress, launched her blog after her wedding. Her passion towards fashion and style prompted her to provide an online resource to the UK brides with tips and suggestions about style and trends that help her readers to get ready for the special day. With over 330,000 visitors per month, Rock My Wedding is slowly and steadily growing as one of the top planning resources on the web.

Ella Woodward – (

Next on our list is a fighter who defied her illness and made a career out of it. Yes, I am talking about Ella Woodward, the brain behind Delicously Ella, who suffered and recovered from a rare illness called Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. She writes about diet and nutrition on her blog and motivates her readers to adopt a natural healing approach to treat ailments. She believes in living a healthy and organic life by offering nutritional advice and a huge list of healthy recipes through her food blog.

Julie Falconer – (

A Lady In London is a travel blog owned by Julie Falconer, who is among one of the leading travel bloggers in the world. Although she hails from California in the United States, she decided to launch her blog called A Lady In London after she moved to the city after her education and several years of working in the States. Being an avid travel enthusiast, Julie’s writings have got space on National Geographic Intelligent Travel, Lonely Planet, BA High Life, Time Out, Metro and many other leading travel lifestyle platforms. Besides blogging, she is also a talented photographer whose snaps have got featured in popular magazines like Ski+board and various exhibitions at institutions like the Leeds College Art.

That’s it. Here is our top list of UK Bloggers who are highly influential in the fashion and the travel industry of blogging. If you believe, we missed any of your favorite UK blogger who deserves to be on the list, then do let us know in the comments below.

Also feel free to share about this list of top UK bloggers created by us.

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