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Understanding The Basics of Link Building

Understanding The Basics of Link BuildingOn my previous article, Link Building via Article Marketing”, I explained the basic of link building why this is essential in website optimization. But that was just an initial overview. In this article, I will discuss to you the broader and wider approach of basic link building tactics.

What is link building?

Link building is basically the process of getting links from good quality websites, trusted websites like CNN, Yahoo!, and etc. link back to your site in order to increase your rankings to search engines, because search engines consider links as vote, so, the more votes you have, the higher you’ll rank. So, how will you get “back links?” Well, that would be discussed later.

Most webmasters consider link building the basic SEO strategy and often classifies link building as “Organic” and “Artificial”. But, we will only discuss the BASIC which is ‘organic’, as it is my main concern why I wrote this article tutorial.

Organic Link Building

This refers to the natural way of link building where you generate huge amount of free links because of the good reputation of your website to the community. Although it is a lot of work, time consuming, but it is the basic and natural way, no syndication. All you need is just EFFORT. You can only acquire ‘organic link building’ if:

  • You write quality content – Writing quality content doesn’t mean only to strong  original texts but you also think the reader’s benefit why need to read your content. Think of something that will interests your readers like inserting quality photos, informative videos, specific applications etc. that you think would be useful to your readers. In that, you can expect link back to your site since they like the content of your website.

When you write post, link or shout it to twitter, Facebook, Plurk and to many other great social networks. If your content is good, people will like it and definitely they get to your site. That’s one of the most basic links building strategies.

  • Start a Blog – I have seen many sites for small-medium businesses that are purely static and commercial in nature. They are trying to get thousands of back links in a short span of time, and trying to look specific paid services that buys link and create back links in just a day or two. But the web doesn’t work it that way. In order to get links, write a quality blog post. Say for example your website is selling about new technologies, then write excellent product reviews and post it on your blog. Because the more people read your post, the more they will know your site.
  • Use Social Bookmarking and Social Networks – Using social bookmarking and social networking sites are  best ways to basic link building tactics. That’s why you need to take the advantage of using these free social platforms. Say you are active to any of the big social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, etc. and your story gets substantial amount of votes, your content will automatically get a lot of attention that of course they will visit your site. That’s an absolute back link.
  • Give Freebies – Giving Freebies to the community will give you tons of links. This is one of the best link building methods usually practiced by many of successful bloggers and webmasters. For example if you are building a website selling software or latest applications, it is best to give freebies like free downloads. Thus, if someone knows that your website is offering free download for software or applications, therefore he will link back to your site or refer someone to visit your site. See? It is not just link building strategy but also a helpful tactics for building traffic.

There are a lot of freebies and give-aways, just think of one that you think would be helpful to your audience and give it to them for free. Maybe free video tutorials, free e-books, free-free-free, take note of that. As long as it is FREE people around the world will never ignore it, and it’s a lot of free back links too. Just think of this: give-off free and get-up free. Very easy!

Those are just some basic principles of link building tactics that you should know if you want to generate traffic and achieve high ranks to search engines.

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